Feb 23, 2009


ReadyMade's headquarters in Berkeley have closed up and operations are now based out of Des Moine. Hmm, its hard to imagine the magazine retaining its character without all the super talented, creative crew I've come to know. They were easily one of my favorite clients to work with. 

Here are some pics for a story I shot for ReadyMade in this month's issue about living large by staying in.  Cocktail masters Paul Clotier and Alana Jackson have a dreamy house, know how to make a mean drink, and they throw great parties. Which is good, because when I think about the state of the magazine industry these days, I need a few strong cocktails.

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Brandon said...

Hey Erin,

A friend loaned me a copy of last year's Oct/Nov issue, and I saw your work in there. I'm actually moving to the Bay Area next week and was super pumped about having ReadyMade so close by. I too share your bummer. It seems like it's a pretty common trend for magazines of this style/market to burn out quickly, sadly enough.

Enjoyed your work--hope you've found other clients to fill the gap.