Aug 7, 2010

drinking on the job

I've been on the road a ton lately, so it's nice to do some local shoots. Plus, my assignments for 7x7 often involve eating and drinking well. Here is the latest feature on some of San Francisco's best watering holes- Comstock Saloon was my favorite.


Paul Ferraris said...

I love that first shot!

marcy maloy said...

way to go Erin....I think this Barbary Coast shoot was the one you did day after CK? Your images have a timeless/immediacy to them. is that an oxymoron? .. with great emotion and a feeling of story. kind of like stills from a good movie. Nice work! Nic and I are huge fans.

alessandra cave said...

Nice to see you thriving, Erin! You are certainly an inspiration. xo