Dec 21, 2010

happy winter!

Winter solstice is here, and I'm buried in deadlines, post-production, estimates and lining things up for shoots in January and February.  Somehow I imagined that I'd have wrapped things up for the year by now, and I'd spend my days taking my dog to the beach, making fig jam, organizing my office and updating my portfolio. I can't wait to head to Colorado and then British Columbia in a few days to play in the snow, relax a bit and shoot some personal work. 2010 was fantastic- full of great assignments,  inspiring travels around the world and close to home, and collaborations with lots of  really talented, lovely people.  Over the last few years, the unpredictability of being a photographer and the stress that goes along with never knowing what is on the horizon has slowly transformed into a lifestyle that works really well for me and  makes me grateful to be a photographer.  I love telling stories- capturing a sense of place and the essence of a moment, and I am really fulfilled by the glimpses my camera affords me of people and places I would never know otherwise. Here's to a great 2011!