Apr 10, 2011

a glimpse of portugal

After a crazy and wonderful few months of non-stop assignments, I'm here in Portugal, shooting up a storm, but also relaxing and reminiscing about living here 10 years ago. At that time, I was mostly working on organic farms and was just starting to move away from painting towards photography. I shot slide film with a really simple camera and had it developed along the way....back in the days when even small towns processed E-6 film...Portugal is incredibly beautiful and interesting- here are a handful of Iphone pics..."real" images to come soon. I do love the looseness and unpredictability of Iphone pictures- and that I'm not thinking much about the pictures I take, nor am I attached to their outcome. More than anything, they serve as a sketchbook of ideas, and a good reminder to be a bit more free in my approach.